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A beautiful town, Wehingen is situated in a region with rich diversity, history and a future. We've prepared a list of warmly recommend highlights for excursions in the region here. The range of options which can be explored in the area around Hotel Schlossberg in Wehingen extend from geological history and Roman history to unique experiences of nature and true architectural highlights. We'd be pleased to provide you with additional tips should you have other interests – just ask us!

Rottweil Old Town

Traditions, towers and talent: Rottweil isn't just the oldest city in Baden-Württemberg – it has a lot to offer, too! From Roman history and the Roman age to modern architecture and all sorts of culture, there's a lot to discover here. For example, did you know that the "City of Towers" not only offers fascinating medieval tower structures, but also has the highest observation platform in Germany on the 232-metre tall TK Test Tower? Discover this old Staufer city with many modern accents from a variety of different perspectives. Welcome to Arae Flaviae!

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At 1,015 metres above sea level, Lemberg is truly "the biggest" – at least when it comes to the Swabian Alps. The highest peak in the "Region of the 10 Thousanders" is formally crowned by Lemberg Tower and offers breathtaking vistas. Nearly the entire alpine chain is visible in fair weather from up here – from Lemberg Tower, it's even possible to spot Mont Blanc, which lies over 200 kilometres away. Walk this true geographical highlight near Gosheim and experience the diverse nature of our region!

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Kehlen & the white cross

Anyone who's conquered the Alp escarpment to come up to Wehingen will be familiar with the striking cliff of Kehlen. This landmark near Gosheim is visible from miles around, in part thanks to the white cross located on its peak at 1,001 metres. The cross was endowed by a returnee from the First World War out of gratitude and is also a reminder of those who weren't as lucky. A fantastic walking destination with a distant view across the region which literally lies at the base of the Alps:  The climb over the "knee snapper", which takes just under one hour, is always worth it.

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Hohenzollern Castle

The mighty castle over Hechingen is the ancestral seat of the princes of Hohenzollern – the former kings of Prussia and emperors of Germany. As a classic example of historic architecture with a long history, you shouldn't miss this impressive structure – despite the fact that the castle never was very militarily significant in this form. Even more fascinating is the artistic arrangement of the building complex, which tells a rich and internationally interwoven history of the royal house. This makes Hohenzollern Castle a highlight for both art and history enthusiasts alike.

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Upper Danube Valley

The Oberes Donautal Conservation Area is a true secret tip for walkers, athletes, culture enthusiasts, gourmets and geology enthusiasts: A landscape of adventure with a greater density of cliffs, bodies of water, nature, history and culture can hardly be found anywhere else. Beginning with the phenomenon of the Danube Sinkhole near Friedingen, through to the impressive cliffs of the river valley cut deeply into the limestone rock of the Alps to the historic buildings like Beuron Archabbey and the castle in Sigmaringen, there's no end to the exploration opportunities over a distance of just a few kilometres here. Climbing, walking, canoeing and cycling top off the experience. Don't miss it!

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Oberhohenberg Castle

Admittedly, there's not much left of the once quite grand seat of the Hohenberg family. The former castle was occupied by soldiers from Rottweil in 1449 and razed to the ground after centuries of service. The compound, which was the centre of the County of Hohenberg, was constructed around the year 1050. A suspension bridge over the former moat and an observation platform in the spot where the keep used to be located structurally recollect this former centre today, around which local tales are still told.

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Discover the region by foot and bicycle

Experiences come in a wide variety of forms, and many people have since become big fans of e-bike touring here. We've prepared some tips for fantastic tours in the region which we'd like to briefly present to you here. These routes are easy to conquer with electric support, but there's definitely something here for experienced "normal cyclists" as well!
Prefer travelling by foot? If so, we've also got interesting suggestions for you. Simply have a read and follow our link recommendations.

Cheese noodle bicycle tour

A scenically beautiful tour over Heuberg with a detour down into the Danube Valley, the cheese noodle tour doesn't just whet your appetite for the gems on the wayside, but for tasty refreshment while underway or at the end of your e-biking day. With cheese noodles, of course!

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The Donauberglandweg track

This 57-kilometre walking track with four sections goes right by our hotel. Beginning in Lemberg, the track leads through gorgeous nature and passes striking lookout points and landscape highlights, ending at Beuron Archabbey.

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